Wonderland DAO Invests Over $18 Million in Betswap, a Decentralized Betting Platform

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Wonderland stated that it had successfully invested $18.337 million in $BSGG, the native token Betswap.gg, a decentralized crypto betting platform. This is the DAO’s first investment in a new project at the seed stage. A significant milestone that sets Wonderland apart from its peers.

Wonderland adds tremendous value to organizations seeking funding by being a member of a powerful and rapidly developing ecosystem.

Wonderland, as one of the largest DAO communities, presents a valuable insight for upcoming projects. In addition, it offers these projects access to differing opinions, which can be used to further develop their platform.

The BSGG token is the heart of Betswap.gg, serving as the betting platform’s DAO governance. It is intended to have sole authority over the protocol’s future in any and all things that can add to the platform’s improvement.

Wonderland controls 2 billion tokens; with such a large holding, the DAO will be able to actively affect the protocol’s path and is well-positioned to achieve long-term success throughout the remaining vesting timeline.

Betswap.gg is a peer-to-peer betting matching engine that is genuinely decentralized and permissionless. The virtual sports trading exchange brings together creators and buyers from all around the world to enable wagers on all athletic and e-sporting activities, which is the first phase of the project. The second phase of betswap.gg will focus on permitting gambling on popular online games, between two individuals thousands of miles apart, in a safe, secure, and permissionless manner.

Wonderland has other plans in place to ensure it meets its ambition of growing its community via strategic investments. More deals will be announced towards the end of the first quarter. The DAO stated that it is actively discussing an intriguing possibility to democratize Avalanche and Fantom staking access. Wonderland will be posting more blog pieces about acquisitions, investments, and a new fee-sharing approach in the coming weeks.

About Betswap

Betswap is a decentralized betting platform where bettors are able to participate safely and anonymously from any part of the world without worrying if it is regulated and managed by a central management team as it offers transparency and locked smart contracts. It utilizes one of the fastest well-known blockchain called Polygon blockchain that guarantees that bets and payouts are all catered in a safe and secure manner.

Betswap’s aim is to merge blockchain and sport betting while bridging the gap between investors and bettors. It is built to be a platform where frauding bettors are not within sight due to the open transparency and the protection blockchain gives off. Aside from this, it offers an accessible betting exchange that enables the users to freely choose between backing or being a bettor and laying or being a bookmaker for a sporting event outcome.

About Wonderland

Wonderland is one of Olympus DAO’s most popular and successful forks. On Avalanche, it was the first decentralized reserve money mechanism. Its native token, TIME, is backed by a variety of reserve assets, including Magic Internet Money and liquidity tokens. TIME has an intrinsic value that it cannot fall below, thanks to this method, which was copied from OHM.

Wonderland intends to create a policy-controlled currency system on the AVAX ecosystem through a number of economic and game-theoretic dynamics. The ecosystem’s unit of account and medium of exchange currency is TIME. The short-term purpose of the token is to optimize growth and weather formation.

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