Internet Blackout Reported in Kazakhstan Amid Escalating Anti-Government Protests

Kazakhstan is one of the top countries in terms of Bitcoin mining. It accounts for 18.10% of the network’s hashrate and is currently reportedly experiencing internet blackouts, supposedly associated with the boiling anti-government protests.

  • The network data provider – NetBlocks – reported today that the country of Kazakhstan is “in the midst of a nation-scale internet blackout after a day of mobile internet disruptions and partial restrictions.”
  • According to the company, “the incident is likely to severely limit coverage of escalating anti-government protests.”
  • Al Jazeera reported on January 4th that protests against the increasing energy prices are taking place in the country for a third consecutive day.

Police fired tear gas and stun grenades in a bid to break up an unprecedented thousands-strong march in Almaty, Kazakhstan’s largest city on Tuesday.

  • Why is this important for the cryptocurrency industry? Well, Kazakhstan is one of the top countries when it comes to Bitcoin mining.
  • In fact, data from the Cambridge Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index reveals that it’s the second most prominent country by this metric after the United States.
  • Kazakhstan accounts for 18.10% of the hashrate of the Bitcoin network.
  • Just yesterday, CryptoPotato reported that the NASDAQ-listed ASIC maker Canaan had partnered up with multiple mining companies in the country.