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Many creatives aspire to have a successful and fulfilling career in the fashion world, but sadly, this achievement has eluded many. Newly available technology in the industry, such as 3D fashion design software has made it easier for designers to work from home – but they are not designed to provide artists with work opportunities. What many creators need is a strong network, combined with the attractive quality of innovation surrounding their work. Without these things, fine works from talented individuals pass under the radar unnoticed.

A Collaborative DAO For Fashion Creatives

A new blockchain-based project is being initiated with the goal of offering the everyday, unknown creative or fashion enthusiast a platform where they can simultaneously create a professional network for themselves, while innovatively designing fashion items. Parisian luxury fashion brand Faith Connexion will launch the project as a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organisation) under the name “Faith Tribe”. It has been developed to be the first fully decentralized and community-owned ecosystem for the collaborative creation of fashion items. The utilisation of Web3 tools brings an innovative edge to those who use them for the purpose of product development, and Faith Tribe’s creative platform will empower creators all over the world with the ability to design, customize, mint and distribute their own digital NFT and physical fashion assets.

A Fusion Which Nurtures Newcomers

As a community-focused and collaborative brand, Faith Connexion shares similarities with the culture of many existing blockchain-based projects because they are decentralized – not controlled by a sole entity. Faith Tribe will fuse aspects of modern fashion design and NFT communities in order to nurture the growth of newcomers into both the fashion and crypto scene. This ultimately serves the purpose of providing these creatives with opportunities they would not normally be graced with, on an inclusive platform where the income disparities, education level, race, gender, geography, or country of origin of its users is irrelevant. What will matter in Faith Tribe is the quality of its creators’ contributions, as participation in design and collaborations is what will establish users as part of the community.

The Design Platform and Protocol

This combined gift of the ability to create, network and innovate in one place will be bestowed onto the users of Faith Tribe’s creative platform. This is where the virtual design and customisation of entire garments, outfits and accessories will unfold, along with the designs being minted as NFTs onto the platform’s native NFT Marketplace. Royalty fees and prices can be set by the product creator, who will maintain either full or fractional ownership of their digital assets in perpetuity. Therefore, users can continue to profit from all future sales stemming from their designs, and will have the tools to track distribution and sales of their digital or physical products. The design process is not at all rigid – flexibility is very much needed in the creative process. Designers and artists will have the choice of either working independently or collaboratively on their own designs, or choosing from an existing and eligible garment to then customize even further. Users who are simply interested in design and don’t want to create a physical product will be able to create a single piece or collection of digital-only fashion goods. Those who are interested however, can create their digital designs with a physical twin.

Faith Tribe’s Design Protocol is foundational to all of this, as it provides the underlying technology infrastructure on which the studio and marketplace operate and integrate with the rest of the ecosystem. This protocol enables Faith Tribe to potentially integrate with other DeFi protocols such as AAVE and other NFT marketplaces.

Equipping The Next Generation

The world of DeFi, NFTs and crypto can seem closed off to those who are not familiar with its contents. Faith Tribe’s creative platform and DAO hope to act as an access point that will open up its unknown but talented contributors to both Web3 technology and the fashion industry. Faith Connexion plans to launch Faith Tribe in January, and it will be exciting to see it thoroughly equipping the next generation of sartorial innovators with the tools to grow and succeed.

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