BLOCKS: Industry Agnosticity in Blockchain

BLOCKS is an innovative decentralized autonomous organization that offers blockchain solutions to companies that need to alter their modus operandi. The core objective of BLOCKS is to help companies revolutionize the way they operate and make industries benefit from blockchain technology, considered as the future of finance. One of its aims is to migrate traditional, existing businesses onto the blockchain.

The business space is undergoing a massive transformation in terms of how enterprises are run, thanks to blockchain. This technology is continually evolving, and it’s only logical that companies tap into this new world of evolution to compete and better the services rendered to customers/clients.

Technology has accelerated automation in such a way that human input has become minimal. Blockchain has even made it better due to the concept of decentralization. Businesses don’t need to depend on human endeavors to implement a decision or carry out a task. The technology has made performing tasks effortlessly and in a decentralized manner. But, not all businesses have been able to capitalize on the opportunities presented by blockchain.

More than 80% of businesses in various industries globally are still stuck to the old infrastructures, which are gradually fading out. This will only make these businesses go extinct and lose clients to others that operate on a more agnostic blockchain solution. The BLOCKS, as a blockchain agnostic, intends to onboard these businesses as well as industries by providing scalable, speedy, and secure solutions to improve automation. By leveraging its solutions, enterprises can interact with the blockchain and facilitate transactions.

BLOCKS Agnosticism

Blockchain has led to the development of several DeFi applications for various use cases. However, many applications presently are designed to suit specific industries and use cases. This makes such an application rigid and unable to adapt to the constantly evolving ecosystem.

This is one of the issues some businesses already leveraging blockchain solutions face in the DeFi space. Many blockchain solutions lack interoperability. That is, they can’t effectively communicate with other blockchains and facilitate interaction between different ledger technologies. An agnostic blockchain solution will take a business in the right direction by enabling flexibility of use and interaction between different ledger technologies.

Blockchain is an emerging technology, which implies that it isn’t developed fully yet. It will continue to evolve as time goes on, just like many digital technologies that emerged before it. Therefore, enterprises should leverage on solutions that facilitate interaction between different ledger technologies for different use cases instead of depending on just one and then investing a huge amount of resources to develop more for other use cases.

This is what BLOCKS will offer. It offers a solution that can be utilized for various use cases, so the company has the freedom to deploy the technology that suits their needs at that particular point in time. This maximizes efficiency, reduces complexities, saves the cost of building a new solution for another use case, and ensures that the variety of the business is taken care of.

BLOCKS seeks to revolutionize the way companies interact with blockchains by offering a solution that solves the trilemma – speed, security, and scalability. The autonomous entity provides a simplified infrastructure that makes it more convenient for industries to come onboard seamlessly through a Web3 network. With this, businesses in various industries can interact better with blockchains, further improving the overall structure of the enterprise.

BLOCKS As a Decentralized Autonomous Organization

BLOCKS runs on peer-to-peer software that empowers a group of people to make decisions pertaining to shared resources and funding. It’s the world’s first registered DAO LLC, backed by the regulatory laws of Wyoming. The DAO evolved from being self-managed to a progressive decentralized autonomous body.

It is a fully democratic organization. Every member has a say in the running of the organization. It is based on transparency and decentralization. Interestingly, BLOCKS will be giving out grants to automotive, defense, entertainment, real estate, and many other industries seeking to delve to the blockchain.

One can become a member of the community by acquiring either 300,000 $BLOCKS tokens or one million $BLOCKS tokens. 300,000 $BLOCKS tokens qualify a member for The Silver tier, while one million tokens qualify for the Gold tier. Silver membership gives you access to voting a nominated ambassador and winning free airdrops.

As a gold stakeholder, you enjoy the benefits of being voted as an ambassador. Ambassadors are given the chance to meet with the BLOCKS team to discuss proposals and make decisions that can impact the organization. Members also get the opportunity to purchase tokens at a discount. $BLOCKS are available for purchase on Uniswap.


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