XTRA: The Revolution Staking Platform

XTRA is a DeFI staking platform that offers over 14,7 to 45,2% APY. It is trustless, capital-backed, secure, powerful, extremely profitable, and easy to use. The best feature of XTRA is its decentralized GUARANTEE FUND that secures up to 90% of your token purchase price. The first listing of XTRA took place on the Kanga exchange on the 9th of December. A few days later, 15th of December, XTRA was listed on PancakeSwap.

The XTRA project is still very young, but the XTRA’s team is working hard to develop it in the best possible way. Because of that reason, their public sale lasted only 8 minutes! The project received $1.05M, and the total investment of all rounds was $4.25M.

How does it work?

  • Connect wallet: head over to the XTRA platform and connect your wallet (e.g., Metamask)
  • Buy XTRA tokens: head over on PancakeSwap and fill your crypto wallet with an XTRA token
  • Stake it: and that is all. The user does not have to do something else
  • Extract profit: collect your money and make your dreams come true

What is a Guarantee Fund?

XTRA is truly revolutionary in its approach. Its decentralised Guarantee Fund is designed to compensate you for the drop in a token price. If the price of the XTRA token falls, the fund will automatically match up to 90% of the initial purchase price.

There is a catch though – to stake on the XTRA platform, users need XTRA tokens.

What happened in XTRA in Q4?

The last quarter was very busy for XTRA’s team. On the 15th of December, XTRA was listed on PancakeSwap. This event was very important from a development perspective. Below you can check the most important information from Q4 regarding the XTRA token:

Strategic partnerships

The first business partners were the (DEX) PancakeSwap. XTRA truly wants to be a provider of good, quality solutions in the crypto space. It is their mission. Because of that reason, they took checked and trustworthy business partners who can help build this project and achieve the next steps in the development roadmap.

Hacken contract audit

Everybody knows that in the crypto business one of the most important things is safety. It is all about investments, money, so users always want to know that the project is safe, trustworthy and they can put their money on it.

The XTRA team knows about it very well, and because of that reason, to make sure that their users’ funds will be safe, they decided to verify their smart contract by Hacken. Hacken is a cybersecurity company that specializes in making audits for blockchain/crypto projects.

And if you like technical documents and you are a safety lover, you can check Hacken’s report here: https://xtra.fund/wp content/uploads/2021/12/Xtra_08122021SCAudit_Report.pdf

Roadmap for 2022

The XTRA’s team prepared the whole article about their plans for 2022 and you can read it here: https://xtra.fund/roadmap-for-2022-is-coming/ but below you can check the most important things.

NFT Collection release

XTRA’s NFTs are based on their own “mascot” – Xtra. Users will find in this collection about 100 different elements which you can use, mix, and create a unique and beautiful character. The collection of NFTs will have 10 000 pieces. It sounds so good.


XTRA Launchpad is a multichain token launchpad for tokens based on ERC20. It supports many EVM networks like Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Polygon, Klaytn, and Optimism. The main goal here is to create and build an entirely safe, clear, and – if it’s possible – decentralized launchpad.

What is more important here, all users and owners of XTRA tokens will have a chance to allocate new projects which will be tokenized on the new Xtra Launchpad on the very preferential conditions (seed, pre-sale1, pre-sale 2, etc.).

You will find more information about Xtra Launchpad on XTRA’s website and social media in the following months.

NFT launchpad

Who can use it? Stakers of XTRA tokens and NFT collection holders (at the beginning until 10 000 pieces). Elements in these collections will be exposed all the time and the sale process will be clear and fair. More information soon.

Token X-Staking Platform

In XTRA they believe that good cooperation is one of the foundations of building strong projects. Because of that, they want to reward their community and business partners. That is why the XTRA team will create a dedicated staking platform where users will have an opportunity to stake tokens, using the X-Stake algorithm. What about rewards? Stakers will receive tokens of the partner’s project and XTRA’s tokens.

TOP 100 on CoinMarketCap

The goal is very ambitious but still real. XTRA’s team really believes – and what is more important, they have plans for it – to be at the Top 100 at CoinMarketCap and at the end of 2022. Even Top 50 in 2022/2023. Is it possible?

From their perspective “yes” and they will do everything to develop the project and give their community the best solution to achieve this goal.



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