Flickto Announces First Round IDO In Conjunction With KICK.io

Flickto has announced a date for its first-round IDO in partnership with Cardano launchpad KICK.io. The project is meant to empower the public to choose which media projects they want to see funded. This simultaneously takes the power of media financing out of the hands of a few conglomerates and gives that power back to the masses as well as enables investors to earn while doing so.

The first round IDO is scheduled to begin on the 27th of December and will run through to the 30th. During this three-day period, investors will be able to purchase FLICK tokens at a pre-market price of $0.009 with a total of 330,000,000 tokens out of the total 5,000,000,000 supply going up for sale in the first round.

Flickto partnered with KICK.io, the leading fundraising platform and project accelerator on the Cardano blockchain, to enable a transparent, efficient, and fully decentralized public sale. Additionally, users of the KICK platform will enjoy some benefits when they participate in the Flickto public sale.

Users who currently hold KICK tokens will be able to purchase FLICK a day before the general public will have access. KICK holders will also be able to “endorse the FLICK IDO and earn a percentage on all FLICK tokens sold during the public sale for doing so.

The first round is scheduled to kick off at 12:00 GMT+2 on December 27th and close at the same time three days later on December 30th. Investors will be able to purchase FLICK tokens using ADA and will be required to complete a KYC verification round before they will be allowed to do so.

Earn While You Fund With Flickto

Flickto is a first-of-its-kind media financing launchpad on the Cardano blockchain. It is a unique opportunity for users to be able to crowdfund the media projects that they want to see and earn rewards for doing so. Users can directly sponsor media projects which they can continue to earn in the form of distribution royalties from successful projects.

The Flickto ISPO has been one of the fastest-growing ISPOs on the Cardano ecosystem. Less than two months after launch, it has garnered over 5 million staked ADA with over 600 delegators earning from the pool. The ISPO offered as high as 15% for early delegators with others currently earning a 5% return on all of their staked ADA. Staking in the Flickto ISPO automatically qualifies the holder to be able to vote for media projects, and the more tokens a user holds, the more weight their vote carries in each round.

Through another partnership with decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol VyFinance, users are able to earn extra FLICK tokens by staking their VyFi NFTs in the Flickto ISPO.

Voters assume no risk when they vote for projects that end up flopping but stand to benefit from all successful hits. They’re instantly eligible for NFT airdrops associated with the financed media projects, as well as being able to trade FLICK on the open market.

Roadmap For The Future

Going forward, the Flickto project is getting ready to launch its first platform. After a successful private round and what is expected to be an even better first public round, the project will then move on to funding its first few media projects. These projects will be available for the community to vote on and the projects that receive the most votes will go on to receive financing.

Furthermore, FLICK tokens will be getting listed on various centralized and decentralized exchanges to enable them to be fully tradable to the general public.


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