P2E Gaming Astra Guild Ventures Builds a Decentralized Community to Connect Tech Leaders

Blockchain-based play-to-earn games and non-fungible Tokens are exploding in popularity. Over the last few years, P2E and digital collectibles have grown and evolved rapidly into a highly lucrative aspect of the crypto space within the ever-expanding universe of blockchain technology.

However, investors are saddled with the time-consuming complexities of either having to learn or understand how NFTs work and manage them.

It is not only daunting but also prevents these investors from maximizing their earning potential. Providing a lasting solution to this scaling problem will give investors an edge in the growing NFT industry, and Astra Guild Ventures seeks to fully establish this.

What Is Astra Guild Ventures (AGV)?

Astra Guild Ventures is a fast-rising Decentralized Autonomous Organization that revolves around viable NFT projects, peer-to-peer games, and other innovative blockchain initiatives in a bid to bridge the gap between investors, players, and NFT gaming enthusiasts worldwide.

As an industry leader and one of the largest Play-to-Earn gaming guilds globally, Astra Guild Ventures is dedicated to linking premier venture capitalists and NFT gamers to increase the earning potential of investments and NFT assets contribute to the further development and adoption of the sphere.


The guild has a stake in the emerging play-to-earn games industry. Some of these to mention are Realms of Ethernity (RoE), Kart Racing League (KRL), and PlaceWar, with over 2,000 Axie Infinity scholars.

AGV records over 190,000 SLP daily and earns an average of $800,000 every month. With an extensive community across social channels, the guild aims to create a real impact in the Play2Earn space. Astra Guild Ventures recently also announced the conclusion of its private sale, thus raising a total of $3 million, and a total of $2.3 million was raised during its seed investment.

According to the official website, AGV is also the first DAO for NFTs to build and deploy a transparent earnings dashboard for stakeholders, tracking the revenue from all its guilds and NFT assets.

Some of the prominent supporters of the project include Mario Nawfal, the Moon Carl, AMCrypto, and Russia’s Alexander Kondrashov.

Upcoming IDO Events On Launchpads

To grow a global network of NFT enthusiasts worldwide, AGV is launching its IDO. The launches are targeted at curating more investment opportunities and solutions for investors and developers.

Cooperlaunch, YellowRoad, Luna Pad, DAOStarter, DAOland, Krystal, Playpad, Oxbull, AGV Launchpad, Maison Capital, Erax, MultiPad, Lithium, and BSC meme pad are among the most popular IDO platforms, and will be hosting the AGV IDO.

The IDO events are geared towards facilitating transparency while giving prospective investors a chance to explore the opportunities embedded in the AGV project and make the most of their earning potentials in the P2E and NFT industry.

Bridging the Gap between Players and Investors

Astra Guild Ventures is keen on redefining the NFT space and how investors and developers use their earning potentials. AGV is positioned to help investors who are confronted with the complexities and time-demanding processes involved in learning about NFTs and managing them. The project seeks to connect NFT enthusiasts, investors, and tech leaders in a decentralized community for a win-win situation.

AGV aims to help investors who barely have the time to run their NFTs through a platform that connects them with players and NFT enthusiasts striving to secure some extra income while accessing the NFT assets they otherwise can not afford.

According to the official announcemnt, AGV procures assets and lends the assets to players and at the same time provides training, in exchange for a portion of their earnings.

The profit is shared between token holders, players, managers, and the gaming guild DAO treasury enabling them to invest and drive growth. The project is oriented towards maximizing the earning potential for investors, players, and developers.

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