What Is Flickto ISPO And Why You Should Stake Your ADA To FLICK

Flickto is the decentralized launchpad that is bringing media financing to the Cardano blockchain. This first-of-its-kind project is giving users the ability to fund media projects while making massive returns in the process. Less than two months in, Flickto has recorded tremendous success with over 4.5 million ADA already staked in its ISPO across over 530 delegators.

The project brings the average person closer to the financing process of media projects and puts the power in their hands for which projects get funded. So instead of a few people calling the shots at a high level, Flickto users are able to vote for which projects they would like to see funded and get paid for it.

Its ISPO is quickly gaining traction among ADA delegators who have flocked to the project to earn FLICK tokens. The unique Cardano-powered media launchpad is strategically positioned to be one of the most successful Cardano ISPOs yet.

Why Stake With Flickto?

Since the wrap-up of MELD, an undoubtedly successful ISPO on the Cardano network with over 620 million ADA staked, delegators have been looking for somewhere new to put all of that ADA. After coming out of such a successful project, it is no surprise that delegators are looking for new ways to put their ADA to work and Flickto provides the perfect opportunity.

Flickto’s ISPO features some of the most generous returns presently in the space. Early delegators had received FLICK bonuses of 10% to 15% for their staked ADA. Delegators in the ISPO are now getting 5% FLICK bonuses, rivaling the returns of the very best ISPOs.

Flickto is a project in a league of its own. It is the first time that a Cardano-based media project launchpad is hitting the market, making it an incredibly valuable project to get a head start in.

The project is totally decentralized with 60% of all FLICK tokens – 5 billion in total, going directly to the public through the ISPO. This varies greatly from other projects where 30% to 40% of total tokens go to the public. Through this, FLICK tokens will be distributed as far and wide as possible as opposed to keeping them locked up in team wallets.

Furthermore, there is a strong community behind the Flickto project alongside its strong partners and allies. Since launching on 1st November, Flickto has built a loyal community and has made strategic partnerships in the process.

Flickto caught the eye of KICK Launchpad, which recently announced that it would be launching the Flickto IDO on its platform. Another partnership with decentralized finance protocol VyFinance enables users to stake their VyFi NFTs and earn FLICK tokens in return.

Poised For Success

Flickto’s success so far since its launch is a testament to the promise of the project. With collaborations with major players such as KICK and VyFinance, Flickto is positioned to be one of the most successful Cardano-based launchpads.

Users who stake and hold FLICK tokens are able to vote for their favorite projects and after launch, earn distribution royalties from the projects that they have helped fund. In each voting round, users vote for one media project to get finance. The more FLICK tokens a user holds, the more weight their vote carries.

Flickto brings creators straight to their consumers, who, in conjunction with Flickto, provide a platform for talented content creators to get the recognition and funding they deserve.


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