DeFi Professionals Can Now Develop Their Projects Safely

As the number of DeFi initiatives increases, so does the number of scams and fraudulent development procedures.

Every fundraising and development mechanism entails risk, and launchpads are no exception. Investors may never know how the developers will spend the money. Furthermore, the crypto industry has seen several malicious entities use fund-raising techniques such as deceptive roadmaps and commitments to drain investors’ wallets for personal gain.

GloryDoge is here to help by establishing a secure DeFi environment that enables the development of creative projects while decreasing the risk for early investors.

Glory Pad: The next-gen IDO Launchpad

The first platform, GloryPad, allows developers to create IDOs to generate early cash and promote their initiatives. It isn’t just that! GloryPad will transfer ownership of the generated funds from developers to investors by making it impossible for developers to utilize the funds in any way without the authorization and approval of the investors.

Developers will need to set tasks, clear paths for where the raised monies will go to generate donations on GloryPad. Chores aren’t required to perform a sale, but the more tasks a sale conducts, the more investors trust the enterprise.

Tasks can be compared to future compensation. When the sale’s soft cap is achieved, these payments will be sent automatically. Investors may always double-check the payment’s destination and reject jobs they feel aren’t advantageous to the enterprise.

GloryPad will also serve as a social center, connecting developers with funders, marketers, influencers, and other interested parties who may help them launch their ideas successfully.

Anyone will be able to submit a task request to any GloryPad project that interests them. GloryPad will also rely extensively on links to various social networks to authenticate the identification of those being compensated for their labor.

Glory Dox: the supplement to GloryPad

GloryDox is changing how project founders in the DeFi ecosystem verify (dox) their identity. It completely automates the verification process, requiring no human intervention, while also giving investors proof of verification, which helps create confidence. As a result, it gives the founders a robust layer of protection, allowing them to have their identity validated while remaining safe.

Veriff is a third-party KYC provider used by GloryDox.

After being verified, the founder will receive a badge, which they may display on their website to confirm verification. Additionally, they will add other team members and invite them to complete the verification procedure independently. Each team member will obtain an NFT as proof of verification valid for 12 months once they have been validated.

GloryDox is an integral part of the GloryPad onboarding process, and the verification badge will show on every validated project’s presale page.

Glory’s launchpad will truly spark a boost of energy in the cryptocurrency industry. It’ll give average investors access to possibilities that were previously exclusively available to venture capitalists and high-net-worth people.

It will serve as a link between investors and projects, decentralizing the investment landscape. The increased usage of launchpads, in general, has shifted the crypto sphere significantly, making investments easier, quicker, and more dependable.