Decentraland Vs Sandbox — Battle of Metaverses

Decentraland Vs Sandbox — Battle of Metaverses

Which is Metaverse Coin is Better to Set Your Bets?

Incredibly, the COVID-19 pandemic exposed the world to its virtual side. In addition, it was, the name change of Facebook in 2021 to Meta in 2021 caught the attention of the world and made the ‘ Metaverse’ an unresolved issue.

Between these debates and discussions, those from the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry began to make it an actuality.

Decentraland Vs Sandbox — Battle of Metaverses
Decentraland Vs Sandbox

Today we’ve got Decentraland and Sandbox Two of the most discussed Metaverse projects. What exactly are they? Are they different from one another? What are the best ways to decide to invest in them?

If you’ve got all these questions This article will help you to gain an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of these two leading Metaverse projects. Rest, you can decide!

The Sandbox

In the year 2017, The Sandbox was migrated from its 2D platform to 3D gaming that was built using The Ethereum blockchain. Since then, additional development and investments were made within The Sandbox metaverse.

In the virtual world, it is possible to build and play, as well as own and make money from all you experience in virtual reality. The Sandbox will empower gamers, artists, and creators in the Blockchain community to construct the platform they’ve dreamed of for a long time. The Sandbox is also a means to grow the gaming community so that it can unleash every person’s creative potential.

Its USD NFT marketplace is among the top five NFT projects in terms of volume of sales, as per CryptoSlam.

It uses a SAND token which is listed on a variety of major exchanges.

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Decentraland is a 3D immersive Ethereum blockchain-based metaverse that lets players purchase land, experience casino games, concerts, games galleries, and much more. Since its launch at the beginning of February in 2020, it’s one of the most long-running 3D Metaverse-based projects.

With several investments, Decentraland has been growing and evolving in the metaverse. Contrary to other similar platforms Decentraland is not a gaming platform that can be played on several devices. The apps created within its world are restricted to people who have the experience of creating graphic content.

Decentraland offers a MANA token, which is listed on several major exchanges.

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The Sandbox Vs Decentraland

It is possible that you have an idea of the metaverse communities that were constructed upon the Ethereum blockchain. Although MANA and SAND are both MANA as well as SAND represent ERC-20 tokens both offer distinct experiences that share many similarities.

The NFT collection of both platforms is accessible via OpenSea which allows you to make a bid to become the owner of a particular coordinate in one of the metaverses. If you’d like to be the owner of a parcel of land within The Decentraland ecosystem, you can bid for it. Decentraland community, you might prefer to bid on “Parcels”. If you are interested in identical conditions on The Sandbox ecosystem, place your bid for Lands’.

The Sandbox is comprised of 166,000 LANDS, which are split into districts (owned by more than two individuals) as well estates (owned by one individual). You can personalize and profit from your property by incorporating games to earn money or rent the land. In addition, you are able to trade your items within your Sandbox ecosystem.

Decentraland comprises 90,601 parcels which you can buy in their marketplace using MANA. They are usually grouped together with districts and estates that are similar to The Sandbox ecosystem.

The Difference!

  • The most significant difference is that Decentraland is able to be easily accessed via an internet browser, even without registering an account, whereas you need an account with The Sandbox.
  • The group behind The Sandbox is actively involved in its process of development and has been operating in the business for more than 10 years. The founders of Decentraland have decided to leave The Sandbox project and are only acting as advisors.
  • The Sandbox has worked together with Snoop Dogg, Skybound Entertainment, Big Fan, and Ubisoft, as well as a variety of big names from various industries. SoftBank has also shown its support by making the USD 93 million investment in the Sandbox ecosystem.
  • Decentraland is supported by more than 20 investment firms, including Samsung, Polygon as well as The South Korean Government. Greyscale has also recently established trust with twenty million MANA tokens.

The Road Maps

Decentraland does not have a specific plan of action since the founders have left their post. In the past, it has been more community-oriented, a delegation to Decentraland Foundation Decentraland Foundation may bring some insight to the situation.

It has also been increasing its NFT marketplace, with art galleries in-game where anyone can purchase or sell artwork or connect with the artist via voice chats. Numerous interesting auctions, like 914 Wonder Woman NFTs have made their way into the NFT marketplace.

An idea is currently being considered to make Decentraland compatible with the metaverse to at least 4 which could change the metaverse universe.

The Sandbox has its own roadmap that is laid out for future developments and the coming years. This Alpha Hub launch is currently in operation until December 20 and includes three different experiences: the NFT Institute, Dungeon of Dum Yz along Club XYZ. For the duration of the launch, 5 000 Alpha passes are distributed and 1000 of them will be distributed to LAND owners and the remainder of 4000 will be distributed to winners of the activities each day.

Apart from that, Sandbox’s team is also planning to introduce the gaming ecosystem via gaming consoles such as Xbox as well as PlayStation.

Let’s talk about price!

Do we now have enough information about the ecosystems as well as how they are planning to progress How do we determine what their price will be?

The price currently for the SAND coin on CoinMarkeCap at the moment of writing is $4.87. One-year forecasts by WalletInvest indicate that SAND’s price to be around the US $8.33. SAND to rise to around the US $8.33 and the five-year projections of US $21.17.

The price currently for the MANA cryptocurrency on CoinMarketCap as when this article was written was the US $3.29. A one-year forecast from WalletInvest estimates the value of MANA to rise to around the US $5.37and five-year forecasts suggest the US $12.91.

Last Words!

The craze on social media around Metaverse has people rushing towards the virtual world, which can also drive prices. But, it is important to examine the projects carefully and determine if you are interested before investing.

If you’re looking to stay to the original and stable investment, you are able to remain in Decentraland since this was actually the first 3D metaverse ever constructed.

If you’re looking to discover the emergence of metaverses, The Sandbox is your best option. It has also made it into the top 10 NFT marketplaces with the volume of sales per hour.

Take a look at the visions of both and decide your own. Don’t let trends drive your decisions.


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