LBank Lists Atari Token (ATRI)

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 30th November: Atari Chain’s ATRI token has been listed on LBank, a top-tier trading platform for exchanging, buying, and selling digital assets, with over 1 million weekly users across the globe. According to CoinMarketCap, LBank has secured MSB licenses in the US, Canada, Australia and around the world. Today, LBank provides the following services: crypto-asset exchange, derivatives, currency quantification, currency interest generation for users around the world.

Atari Chain’s goal is to become the world’s most broadly used cryptocurrency token in the entertainment sector. Atari Chain is a blockchain project that is 50% owned by ICICB Group. This backing from ICICB (which made $800 million in profit in 2020 and manages over $10 billion in assets) was crucial to ensure that the Atari Chain team could focus on development.

Atari Chain also seeks to transform developing economies. The world’s large unbanked population, which currently stands at approximately 1.7 billion, will be able to access Atari’s Play-To-Earn ecosystem through its mobile apps and wallet. Atari is also working on giving players the ability to earn real-world money for their virtual game time and efforts. All games on the Atari Chain will tokenize in-game assets.

By in-game assets, we refer to characters, skins, and other attributes. With Atari Chain, the users will actually own them as Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and will be able to trade them for cryptocurrencies.

Gamers are not the only ones who will benefit from Atari Chain. Atari Chain’s unique structure will benefit all stakeholders in the entertainment industry, including developers and producers, by allowing anyone within the entertainment ecosystem to fulfill a task with a smart contract. The ATRI token will allow anyone to monetize their services on the blockchain. This is a potential game-changer in personal finance as well as macroeconomics.

The Blockchain will allow every individual to trace their piece of intellectual property, ensuring that everybody is compensated fairly. The Atari Chain team will continue to build alliances to enable the ATRI token to be available on many more platforms going forward.

Atari Chain brings smart contracts to increase efficiency into the video game development process. By locking in agreed-upon terms ahead of time, smart contracts streamline the testing and code review process, allowing for immediate compensation. This removes the middleman and all the paperwork involved.

About Atari Chain

Atari Chain marks the beginning of an era between the blockchain videogame industry and cryptocurrency trading. The famous video game pioneer Atari Chain intends to create a decentralized cryptocurrency that would become the standard in the blockchain video game industry.